Guide Dog Training, post first week of qualifying

I probably won’t write many more of these but yesterday, Bertie’s work was exceptional.

His social skills are fabulous for such a young dog.

Yesterday we walked to the vets and back, had to make him sit a few times on the way home as he wanted to spend but got him home, he spent and off we went again.

I grabbed lunch in a cafe he’s not been to before, and he found the counter well and behaved beautifully!

Then off to the post office and he found the counter there to. Then to boots, gregs which he hasn’t done before and then to the library where he lay quietly and was a good boy.

We came home and straight back to Asda to pick up a few things. He was a superstar!

I couldn’t have been prouder. He had a mad play session and then crashed out.

Today we’re sitting in the library while I do some work and he’s just lay by my chair. He’s been watching all the children do their story time and has just groaned as they’re singing now. I guess he isn’t impressed that they’re making noise now.

He really showed me yesterday the potential he has to be a very awesome guide. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. Got a few things on so don’t make me out to be a liar now Mr Bertie. 🙂

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end.


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