Guide Dog Training: Day 25

Day twenty five was to be my last day with my instructor for a few weeks. She’s on leave and it’s now down to me and young fella to work together and build a partnership. If I need help, I can still call the office but it’s now time to explore with my new four legged pal.

So my instructor asked what I wanted to do on Thursday morning. I honestly wanted to take him into Manchester, if for nothing else but to ease my mind or confirm my worst suspicions of pup in the city.

After Tuesday, I was very afraid he didn’t enjoy Manchester but I wasn’t so sure my GDMI would allow us to try again so soon.

But after a bit of dancing around the subject, she said should we try the route to the tram. I agreed and he did really well.

Whilst on the tram stop, we chatted and she suggested we head into Manchester. I felt veery relieved!

We went to find the Apple store and he did brilliantly. Trotting down Market street like we do it all of the time! I was pleased as punch.

His crowd maneuvers were fabulous and he worked like a dream. I could have cried with joy but I just beamed instead.

I had accidentally, ignorantly dyed my harness yellow the previous day as I was being a clean freak and cleaned it with saddle soap. I could not understand that I’d always cleaned my Bailey’s harness the same way and never ran into this issue.

I wiped it down and it came up white so all was good.

We free ran the dogs together on Thursday afternoon, my sister and I. Bertie’s a bugger with sticks and the ragger definitely only worked for a little while.

There was also a mean dog there to but both my pups were pretty well behaved. bertie’s recall is pretty good so besides the stick thing, both boys had a fun time. The mud definitely displayed how good a time they had.

We went and met my friend yesterday with her guide dog and he did really well. This dog’s social skills are pretty awesome for his age.

And today, we’ve just done a quiet route and now are sitting in a cafe. He’s struggling to find doors a little but that’s probably more down to my lack of good direction. He found a seat outside the cafe so I knew roughly the door was nearby. These are things that definitely come with time. They certainly did with bailey.



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