Guide Dog Training, Day 24

Can I really call this a training blog anymore? I guess we’re still learning so yes, it will still be called a training blog. It’s unlikely I’ll post much more unless they’re of significance.

We did a walk today and were followed by the ladies who boarded young man during his advanced training.

It was lovely for them to see him work in harness and we had a very good walk so I was super pleased.

This afternoon, I spread my wings and headed into our local town alone with pup to do a few chores. It felt amazing! My freedom almost all back.

I guess the strength of what we’ve done will come over the next few weeks and months in our various adventures. I’m not sure what they will be but I’m sure they’ll be interesting.

Got a few things planned or to be planned with friends so now back to living and hopefully building on something that will grow into a solid partnership. We can hope!

Hugs MJ

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