Guide Dog Training, Day 22

I usually try and write my blogs the day it happens so I have everything fresh in my mind but last night I was so exhausted I passed on it and hope I can recount all that happened yesterday.

We were to be doing Manchester again yesterday.

We set off to the tram stop, half term traffic already in full force and arrived at Market street.

Young pup wanted to find Starbucks but we weren’t going there straight away.

We were going to test his memory on the body shop.

It was relatively busy but still no where near as busy as manchester can get. He was no where near as distracted and made a lot of very good decisions.

He arrived straight at the body shop and we ended up talking to some of the ladies in there about community days that big companies take on for team work. Apparently, Guide Dogs at Atherton do just that so they took the details from my GDMI and we headed off to teach young man the route to the Apple store.

We walked it with him first and then my instructor walked me back outside where we spent pup and then tried the route with him.

He did brilliantly and we have got him to find the desk as opposed to the door as there aren’t specific doors in shopping malls really and finding the desk is actually a good point of location for me to make contact with a member of staff.

On the way out of the Apple store, some woman came out of no where and he quickly and efficiently came across me to move us out of the way.

We headed out and headed to Starbucks for some lunch and to give pup a rest.

He was given the chance to spend but only did a number one. I decided that if he looked like he’d need it on the way down market street, we’d let him go near the food court alley.

We headed back down and his decisions were fantastic! ! He found the shop again, although he kept trying to go into Monsoon which is next door.

We had some issue finding the stairs but people traffic didn’t help this and my instructor had said I need to be more directive with him at this point so I really tried to work on that yesterday.

As we were walking back out of the Arndale, some lady literally grabbed my arm as I was walking with young man and asked to stroke my dog. I continued walking and I and my instructor both said, “sorry, no, he’s working!”. We were seriously meeting all the idiots yesterday. Not to mention the man with the dog on Market street who was giving poor youngster many temptations in the form of food, toy and actual dog. He did very well though.

back down a very busy Market street and now the need to spend was on. we got him to the Starbucks alley and he did both.

We found the bin, headed to the tram and settled him down. We were all proud of punch of young lad.

That was a big day for most young dogs but then we had a fundraising meeting to get to last night so I harnessed him up and headed to the library where he met lots of people and was fussed. He had a grand old time and came home grateful for his dinner.

He did very well yesterday and I hope this is a snippet of what kind of pro guide he’s going to be.

Hugs MJ

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