Bailey’s Dlog, New Kid On The Block

Hi doggy pals,

As you all know, i hung up my harness last year but mummy still needs a dog to help her get around so that past three weeks she’s been training with a little yellow lab called Bertie.

He’s 20 months old and it’s taken me a bit of time but new bro is kinda OK. He steals the toys, nicks my bone and always gets the bed near the radiator but he’s helping mum and he’s not a bad lad.

He’s a cute little thing according to the humans but I’m still very handsome so it’s all good.

Hope he manages to guide mum for a long time. God only knows I know how hard that job is. So please doggy and human pals, help me welcome and wish Young Bertie to the world of Guide Dogs.

Lord Master bailey of Bone Manor

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