Guide Dog Training Weekend Day 20 and 21

aFter a chat with my instructor about progress, she had said she was happy for me to do local routes in Shaw on my own at this point before I get fully qualified.

So this morning, I tried to spend young sir but it was raining and he was adamant he didn’t want to go.

We set off, acted like he still wanted to spend so I took him home to try again but again, nothing.

I headed into the local town and eventually he had forgotten he needed it.

He worked great and found what I asked him to.

We came home with some lunch and after lunch headed back out. But again was adamant he didn’t want to spend. So off we went.

His reluctance to walk forward was nothing compared to before and so we continued.

He got to near the park and then was thinking he really did need to go.

A few sits and lots of encouragement and I had planned to walk to the library to cut the route in half but then head into the town centre to give him something different to do and go to the sweetie shop so I knew we’d agreed he could spend there.

And he did go this time which was fabulous.

After that he worked great!

I showed him where the bin was and he got it after finding me several bollards first.

Then my misjudgement didn’t find the sweetie shop but we got there in the end and he didn’t walk me or even brush me into anything, even after a good walk down our local little high street.

A bumpy start but a pretty awesome finish!

Well done little puppy for the Saturday anyway 🙂


We spent fine last night and both boys were kind and let me sleep in until 8:30. Got up and did the spending and feeding routine and because I slept so poorly and felt horrendous, headed back to sleep for a while.

I re-introduced the toys today and so far so good.

I hoped young sir would spend before working him but no, apparently no spending was necessary. I wasn’t convinced but had no choice but to give him the benefit of the doubt.

So off we went on the block route and I was expecting a spending need at some point. But not once did that pup indicate for the need to spend.

His speed and guiding was very good. The only thing that happened today was he over estimated a gap between a person at the cash machines and a trolley. We got through but I told him to watch as it was so close.

He had been distracted by a dog to but all was OK and those kinds of things can happen even after years of a working partnership in my experience.

I was pleased with him today as on everything he’d brushed me against before, he was moving away from and had a lot of people to deal with near Asda.

We’ve had a quiet day otherwise and hopefully he’s well rested for the week ahead.

I hope it’s a good one and we’re closer to qualifying.

Hugs MJ

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