Guide Dog Training: Day 19

It was to be the fullest day yet for my poor young pup. But he handled it all like a pro.

We went into Manchester in the morning and found the Starbucks but then asked him to walk down Market street and into the Arndale. it was relatively quiet for the city but he still had to do a lot of thinking.

He’s quite a nosy youngster and was looking in all the shops. I had to really steady him down and he did try to go through a lady who was holding her child’s hand but my instructor corrected that.

He had a good old sniff outside Milly’s cookies so I see that might be a place he gets distracted by.

We found the Body shop and then went back to Starbucks.

We had a coffee and then asked him to go back and find the Body Shop again.

The second walk through, despite the busier conditions was fabulous! He’d really put his head down to concentrate.

On the way back toward Starbucks, he had a pee outside the alley way at Starbucks and we boarded the tram, the rain starting to pelt down at this point. He got on the tram and found the seats I like.

Pup’s pretty good on the trams and just likes to look around.

A quick lunch and we headed toward the yard.

He was good again on this route minus his scenting on the air that got a fair few corrections.

We got to the yard but the wind was up a bit on the hill and his concentration was a bit laxed coupled with a bit of unsureness on his part.

We got to the park before the weather turned nasty and gave him a bit of a blast. Poor pup was cold and wet after all that.

He was a pretty good boy.

Hugs MJ

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