Guide Dog Training: Day 18

I’m writing this late, [2 days late in fact] because, as I suspected, time gets away from me and I am so tired at night I can’t always put down my blog entries.

So Thursday, I was working with my instructor in the afternoon and so I worked young pup in the morning to. He did pretty well. The only thing that was a bit imperfect was when he brushed my arm against a A board but there was a huge truck running its engine that he was taking a wary glance at so I just asked him to go back and do it again which he did without an issue.

We got home and I was very pleased with him.

That afternoon, we did the first trip into Manchester.

My instructor and I walked to the tram which he did very well and showed him where Star Bucks was.

It literally is across the metro line and so the easiest thing to introduce to him in Manchester.

He did well as there was a lot of people traffic and he did get through them all nicely.

He even spent on the route on the way home which is fine as I’ve always allowed Bailey to do the same at that specific point as they’ve just been travelling and often need to spend.

He was a very sleepy pup and actually just chilled when I was on a conference call so I was pretty proud of him.

Hugs MJ

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