Guide Dog Training: Day 17

Today was going to be an adventure for us.

I was off on a long ride with the ladies I ride with at my riding school so had asked mum to watch young pup. I filled the new kongs I’d bought for him so the boys had some distraction when I left until mum got home. I left the tV on and they had their bones down with a bowl of water and I’d spent them both before leaving so I hoped they’d be fine.

When I called mum, she said all was well and that she suspected a little monkey had been on the sofa but we can’t prove that so he’s still innocent lol.

When I got home, having received a call that my instructor was still tied up in a meeting, I worked pup on the solo route.

The smells from the wind clearly were tantelising as we walked by the park but his guiding was fab despite the gusting wind.

even when we crossed a road and a huge gust blew him a little, he just kept going.

He seemed quite excitable today but seen as I know how animals react to windy conditions, I can’t say I was surprised all that much.

He managed to guide very well and minus the odd correction to “straight on” we had no issues. He’d spent before leaving home so he didn’t indicate once. Was very proud of the little lad.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings with our instructor.

A funny thing happened last night though. I was on the phone to a very good friend and was sitting at my computer in my room when little laddy decided he would jump on my bed. I gave a sharp, “off” and he quickly jumped down. Little monkey!

Anyway, we will see what happens tomorrow and the rest of the week.

I was feeling a little like maybe I’m not grasping this very well, hearing other GdOs are qualifying within 2 weeks or plan to but chat with my friend made me see that they just don’t do as many routes and maybe pup needs a bit more support this early on or maybe a whole host of other maybes. I don’t know. Plus it seems like the system has changed a bit from when I qualified with Bailey. Who knows.

Hugs MJ

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