A Stormy Ride

I’ve been off training with my new guide dog for the past few weeks so haven’t ridden.

I got a text last week inviting me on another 2 hour hack with the same bunch of ladies and then for some lunch. as I’m still training at home, I reported I was a bit gutted to miss out to my Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, who incidentally is a horse woman herself, who promptly told me to go and ride as she had a meeting that morning anyway. I was delighted and grateful and promptly text my riding instructor to confirm my place.

Last night, it looked like it wouldn’t be riding conditions as we had the first snow fall of the winter. But it quickly vanished and riding was on this morning.

I arrived at the yard, no wind, no rain and we hoped we might get our hack in before the storm hit that was forecast.

As I was brushing, the rain started but we headed off, all in high hopes.

I rode the gorgeous Shadow who is slightly more of a coloured in this winter weather than his lovely grey.

We did the quarry ride again and it was as we rode up the quarry path, after our first canter, that the wind started.

Many tiger traps were overcome with the help from my riding school instructor’s good directions and our other canter as the ground is so poor, took place during a big gust of wind. Poor old Shadow pulled his head down and I just managed to keep in canter.

Riding in the wind isn’t pleasant for me as the only useful sense I use is blocked when I have wind in my ears.

I am so grateful to the other riders who help me out but my RsO was a real star today.

We were laughing as we were coming down the hill as we imagined ourselves in a survival documentary.

Shadow and bella, who my RsO was riding, were eager and quick footed today but the others not so much.

All the horses were stars and we got back to the yard safely.

I enjoyed riding but definitely couldn’t feel my feet or hands when I jumped off.

Lunch was followed and we were all soggy and hungry.

Was a fun morning though and I loved riding today, despite the stormy conditions.



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  1. I hate riding in the wind when I have all senses, as the horses are spookier. How you do it with losing audio feedback amazes me! Sounds like you had fun 😀

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