Guide Dog Training, Day 16

You write these blogs with a mind to look back and think oh yes, I remember when that happened and he doesn’t do that anymore but then you forget to write about certain things to.

For example, the first few days at home, he would get out of his bed every time I left the room but that’s not happening half as much especially once he’s tired out. He’s definitely resting more and I am needing to tell him less to go back to bed, he’ll put himself back in his bed during the night.

Anyway, today was the day we would be doing the yard route. It’s very similar to the free run route so he had already done it. It was pouring with rain so we didn’t do our grooming this morning and the waterproofs got put on.

I mentioned to his instructor things that had happened and she wasn’t too concerned which was good.

He looked to be a little more conscientious this morning which was really encouraging to se.

He was great on the walk and whined a bit out of boredom at the stables but got to meet my favourite pony, Mr Shadow.

We headed back to the bus as we figured we’d try him on the scary buses again. The driver didn’t lower a ramp and he worked on just fine.

Off the bus and we found the traditional sweet shop that is in my local town where there is some ladies who were excited to meet this young man.

We headed home and I was pretty pleased with his performance today.

after some lunch young pup and I headed out on a solo block route on our own. He didn’t spend before going for his second number two so I expected there to be some definite hints of needing to go.

As predicted, he did. But I made him sit for a few then we continued on the route. I only had to tell him over once on a narrow pavement near a florist but I wasn’t too worried about that either as he was desperate to pooh at this point.

Good news is, we got home with little more event minus the dog walking behind us that made me give young man a firm straight on and he did happily. But we found the cash point and got home and spent the well held number two. Bless him!

Pups are both chilling before their dinner now and their new T forest smoky bones came in today so they’ve been chewing happily on those.

Very pleased with young man today.



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