Guide Dog Training: Day 15

Monday was definitely containing that Monday feeling.

All started pretty well with the pups being spent and fed but when grooming came along, I did little pup first then shut him in the living room while I groomed Bailey outside. I had debated keeping him tied outside with me but had decided against it in case he sniffed or something that could end in some kind of disaster. However, little pup decided he was in mischief land this morning and I heard a crash in the living room to discover young man had somehow knocked dad’s ashtray onto the floor. Whether he had eaten any butts or ash is still unknown but he knew he’d been caught out.

Both dogs shut in the kitchen whilst I cleaned up.

My instructor arrived and we started the route to the vets.

He managed it very well and worked nicely.

On the way back he was doing this stop start thing which we couldn’t figure out the cause of. He did continue on with some encouragement and we finished the route to near home until he found the cash machines and I asked him straight on to which he responded with a stop again. We half suspect it was a mini tantrum but cannot be sure as his instructor hasn’t seen this behaviour before. We then headed back out to a coffee shop and he lay lovely by my feet. It was good to see him in a social setting and behaving well away from the hotel.

we then went to do the tram route and he did well on this to minus his failure to stop at a small down kerb which I didn’t even know existed and have been walking over this entire time. Oops.

This afternoon we were going to the vets on our own and he worked there lovely. There was a huge puddle near the gate to the vets which he was a bit reluctant to go through and kept showing me the lamppost which he had done this morning but I just encouraged to re-approach and to keep over which he did.

He whined a little with boredom in the vets but was well behaved in his assessment for registration and started the route home quite well to.

He did sit and look like he was doing a pooh on the pavement but when I located to pick up, no pooh existed and I couldn’t smell any. He’d spent at lunchtime so if he had done anything that was so small, I honestly couldn’t see it.

All continued well minus a brush with the bus stop which I corrected gently to and he did it the second time just fine.

Nothing else happened until the park entrance distracted him and as I was steadying him I met a pole. He stopped abruptly and I tapped it and took him back to re-approach and he got through with no issue. He seemed a little more cautious after this and part of me thinks it was a good thing to make a mistake but I just hope it didn’t knock his confidence too much. I know I handled it the best way i could, calmly and asking to re-approach and giving lots of praise when he got it right. I just hope it’s not too much pressure on him.

I didn’t feel unnerved by it and know mistakes have to happen. It is how we learn and hopefully he’s learnt from his little mishaps today and we can work together to boost his confidence even more but give him a bit more concentration when he needs it. He’s 20 months old and we’re still only a 2 week old partnership, I’m not too worried at this stage. I’ll chat with my instructor tomorrow and see what she says.

He’ll get there. I have the confidence we can work with him and build that with him.

Both dogs are chilling on their beds now and happy to say the rest of the walk was very good.

Hugs MJ

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