Guide Dog Training, Weekend Day 13/14

So my instructor had said if I felt able and comfortable to do the route we did as a solo walk yesterday, i could do them. So this morning we went to pets at home, me and my dad, leaving pup with Bails and mum and picked up some doggy necessities. Bought two new dog beds which my old dog thinks are great. So looks like his bed downstairs maybe getting replaced as he likes them so much.

I got home, tried to spend pup for his number two but he was adamant he didn’t want to go so off we went on our solo walk completely on our own.

It’s a good block route and back in the day when they qualified you on a “qualifying walk” this was my qualfying route. I’ve used it for years with Bailey so it was a good choice to use with young pup.

We set off in the wind, young pup excited to be out. His confidence was up and he was definitely happy in harness today with no hesitation. He found every post I asked and walked lovely.

When I saw a friend to talk to on part of the walk, he just stood patiently and waited.

Right shoulder work was excellent and his speed consistently good. Up where it needed to and steadied up when the environment needed him to.

He was tempted to go into Asda but willingly kept to the straight line and even found the cash machines without me asking. Bless his heart.

He’s been settled today and slept to which has been good. Both dogs are snoozing while I listen to the rain and wind outside.

depending on the weather, I may try the walk with him again tomorrow but then again, if it’s too bad, I may not.

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