Guide Dog Training: Day 12

I guess everyone has a bit of nervousness when doing their first solo walk. A solo walk isn’t exactly what it sounds like. it’s where the instructor follows at such a distance the dog isn’t aware they are there, or at least that’s the idea. Obviously that doesn’t always work out.

My major concern was young pup spending before the walk. He’s hit and miss with his second spend of the number two variety and did spend on a walk yesterday despite much encouragement from us to go.

But after a few trips this morning to the loo, I finally convinced him to go and go he did.

I got the call from his instructor, harness him up and off we went on the small block route that we started him on this week.

He was a little bit like, what is going on and where’s my old mum at but he would go and did all I asked and after around 200 foot decided this was the job at hand and he was going to get on with it.

Was very pleased with him. Superb walk and great confidence by him.

His instructor shared my positive vibes once we got to the house and he got lots of praise.

We ended up heading on a surprise free run to the park after that and he was a really good boy both on the route and to the park. a little sniffy on the parts he’d not done yet but that was so understandable.

His recall was excellent and he had lots of fun running about with other dogs and being a luny lab.

He’s not been so sure about buses when they lower the ramp so we weren’t too sure how he’d be getting the bus home but thankfully the ramp wasn’t lowered and he got on the bus fine.

My instructor left the harness with me so if I want to do the small block route this weekend with him, I can give it a go. Guide dog training is slightly different to when I trained. It used to be you did a qualifying walk but now they just allow you to work on set routes for practice before they fully qualify you. Makes a bit more sense in my opinion personally.

So I can head out and practice this solo small block route with the laddy tomorrow and Sunday if I like. Definitely will try it at least once. hope he enjoys it. šŸ™‚

Tonight he’s just slept and while my mum, her friend and i were sitting in the kitchen, he was quite content to sleep on his bed next to Bailey for most of the evening. That run really did tire him out. Bless. So much so that when I went in the bath earlier and he was in the room with Bailey on his bed, he clearly didn’t manage to find the energy to jump up on my bed and have a nosy. We’ll se how long that lasts. lol



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