Guide Dog Training, Day 11

We got up this morning, did the breakfast and spending routines followed by a nice grooming session and a bit of a play before the toy box got put away. We’re trying to see if we can get him less toy focused by removing play and introducing it when we are actively playing and then gradually allow independent play for short periods until he’s better with his toys.

He is a cheeky pup!

We didn’t get a number two out of him before our first walk today. We walked to the market and got some pigs ears then walked a block route. Pup decided he needed to go. We persuaded him to wait until we got near to a place where he could spend and not make it a place he obsesses over. He spent and off we went again.

His right shoulder work was excellent today and he even came across me to move from people walking in front of us. He did really well on the first walk minus the few sniffs and curiosities which may be needing to spend related.

The second walk was up to the vets again and he did this very well to.

On the way back we were going to ask him to walk a different way and he did it before I asked. Such a clever boy.

He’s been really good with my nephews today and settled.

Mr cheekiness decided that after snoozing happily on his and then Bailey’s bed, when i went in the bath he went on my bed. I heard him bounce off when I opened the gate so he got a firm no and was told to get to bed. He knew he’d done wrong. Cheeky little monster.

He seems rather sleepy tonight so going to spend him shortly.

Tomorrow my instructor wants me to do a solo walk so we’ll see how that goes.

Thanks MJ

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