Guide dog training: Day 10

We had been predicted horrible weather this week. Today in particular was meant to be bad. You can usually guarantee that the horrible day weather correlates with bad walks so I was expecting one today.

My instructor came in the afternoon today. It’s good to change up times of day as traffic and people traffic varies obviously.

We set off, after a good spending routine this morning. This little lad decides when he does his middle number two. Whilst i’ve had him, his number one has been like clockwork whilst the second two of the day have varied. Sometimes he’s only done one second and other times he’s done both. But today he had done his second number two before our walks which was really good.

The nose was in the air a lot with the wind today so a few handle reminders that he was meant to be concentrating were needed.

We did the longer block route today and he remembered everything we’d taught him. He even double checked i wanted him to cross and not go to the doctors.

And he found the pub side door again but today decided to show us where the front door is to. I was laughing so hard. These dogs are clever.

He also remembered the cash machines today which was great to!

On our second walk we were going to register him at the vets and so we walked up there and he was happy and confident he knew where he was going despite never have ventured there. The vets staff are all great with Bailey, my retired dog so were delighted to meet the little fella. His weight was good, 25.55 and he’s got his first check next week with them.

Even on the way home he did well and just curious of his surroundings which is so natural at this point. His decision making was that bit better today and wasn’t giving my GdMI heart attacks and he was also anticipating where to slow in certain environments.

I had a podcast tonight so i fed him early and he came upstairs with me whilst I recorded it. He was good as gold lying on his temporary bed. But his cheeky side came in tonight when I had left him in the room and the lid of the toy box was still on and he managed to get it off. I was in the bath and heard something but thought he was chewing, the little monkey, but no he was working out how to take off the lid of the toy box. very clever boy.

Needless to say the toy box is in the bathroom until I can get a box with lockable handles or ones puppies cannot open.

He is funny!

We had a play session downstairs later and hopefully he’ll sleep good again tonight.



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