Guide Dog Training: Day 9

After a slightly more unsettled night but nothing too worrying, just hearing pup mooching a little, we got up this morning, went through the routine of spending and feeding both dogs and getting me ready for my trainer. I’ve been taking pup with me upstairs to get dressed as I can’t yet fully feel confident he and bailey won’t have a mad play session or he won’t attempt diving into some trouble he should not be in so he comes up with me and Bailey gets to chill while I get dressed.

I also groomed both dogs before we left, [getting some whining from pup while I locked him behind the baby gate whilst grooming Bailey outside with the back door open so he could hear me], and then my instructor arrived and we set off to do the block route we’d done yesterday. His confidence on the parts he knew was fabulous!

We were to extend this route a little today. The first walk incorporated finding the steps down to the library. The steps are about a third of the way around on the route and he found them quite well. He also found the library doors when asked.

All his right shoulder work, which is when he’s watching out for my right shoulder was pretty spot on today. His instructor says he sometimes makes decisions last minute but I said as long as he makes them sensibly it’s not a huge deal at this point.

He did over shoot a flat kerb in Asda’s car park which we worked on with him, getting him to wait and giving a bit of a handle correction when he overshot it. It’s a zebra and he’s anticipating the shop a little despite the fact we’ve not been in there yet.

After a break we headed out again and were to really extend the route this time. We asked him to find the doctor’s again, as we had done yesterday and he did it very well. We routed back to the pelican to pick up the route and again incorporated the library which he got to the side street and indicated to spend. There was no way we were getting away with him not spending so we allowed him to go. This was despite him being given the chance at home but he had been adamant he didn’t want to go then. Just like Bailey! lol.

We spent him, but I got a bit on my hand, yuck, and headed into the library and used a toilet to wash them. At least I know where the loos are now in there.

Back out on the route and he worked like a trouper. Instead of turning right down a busy road, we were going to cross one set of pelicans and then a dual carriage way which has pelicans to. He found the post when asked and we got across and picked up the route well.

This just gives him more to work on and it’s a route I do walking to the stables and to the free running park and occasionally just a route I walk with the pup so it’s a good one!

We crossed the dreaded Zebra and headed back toward the town centre. His confidence dropped a little so he needed more encouragement but he did everything asked and was still making decisions so I was pleased with him.

Near to the Shay Wake where I often meet my friends, for food generally not a drink, I told him it was a place we’d be going to if he stays with us so what does this cheeky pup do? We’re on the other end of the street to the pub when I say this but he finds the disabled door to the pub without me even asking. His instructor laughed and said had I been to the pub with him without her knowing, jokingly and I just laughed and was like not at all. We were both very amused.

Once we picked up where he knew, I felt his confidence soar again,he knew what he was doing and off he went!

We were going to teach him the cash machines today so A I could get money and B he’d learn to locate them if I asked. We had to wait for the queues to clear and we got a “i’m bored” whine out of Mr cheeky pup. Eventually we got him to find them and headed home, both pleased with both walks.

We’ve had a few unexpected visitors today and he’s been as good as gold. He really wasn’t that interested in them in the slightest.

Both dogs are chilling on their beds now. I had to get an old quilt out for little pup as he kept stealing Bailey’s bed. I didn’t want to shove him off as I want him to feel at home but didn’t like Bailey having to give up his beds either, he is a Lord after all. So I got the quilt down and pup decided he liked it better than Bailey’s beds anyway so at this moment the quilt is in his favour, we’ll see how long for. Hopefully he’ll stick to it until I can get him some beds of his own then Bailey can have his own beds and own space.

My instructor is coming in the afternoon tomorrow so gives us a chance to see how he does with more people about. Dreading it a little as it’s meant to be horrible weather wise.

Hugs MJ

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