Guide Dog Training, Day 8

So last night was the first night at home for the pup. He was a little sniffy yesterday, understandably. Dogs get put into a new environment and primarily use their nose to explore all the smells in their surroundings.

After lots of exploring and many trips to the toilet to prevent unwanted accidents, both dogs settled down. New beds will need to be purchased as new pup has decided the luxury that lord Bailey has must be his own endeavour to.

At bedtime last night, I had brought both dogs upstairs to bed, as they sleep in my room and popped to the bathroom to get some fresh water for them. Bailey’s on steroids so needs more water and when I returned to the bedroom, I heard a lab shaped thump onto the carpet. Some cheeky little boy had jumped up to sniff all the cuddly toys I have on my bed. There were wet nose patches on most of them. Fair play to the pup though, I’d forgotten one on the floor and he had not touched it all night. What a good boy.

Woke up to discover that pup had clearly decided Bailey’s bed was better than his and took himself off to it so Bailey ended up next to me on the fleece blanket on the floor. Hence the need for new beds. My boys have to have comfort when they sleep lol.

Took both boys out, one after the other this morning and fed working dog first then Bails which was clearly a shock to his system.

Our trainer arrived around ten and we started out on a route I actually qualified with Bailey on almost eight years ago now. Pup worked really well and my Guide Dog Mobility instructor was impressed how he was feeding from my own confidence on the route.

Back home for a brew and a rest for pup, although playing was on his mind, and then back out to do the same route and give him a chance to shine. And shine he did. For the first day home, I couldn’t be more proud. He did well and his confidence was pretty good. Just see how the rest of our time goes together.

we all had a nap this afternoon as I’ve not slept well the last few nights and both pups just slept on.

He seems happy so far in our house, just hope it continues. He’s definitely being a cheeky boy and I hope we can continue to grow together.

Hugs MJ

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