Guide dog Training, Day 7

After a very disturbed night’s sleep, and having packed, we checked out of the hotel and did our last route on class with our instructors.

Usually class at the hotel lasts two weeks but for various reasons we are doing more home training.

This definitely has its pros and cons for me. If I was on my own probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference but having family here and another dog does make the initial bonding problematic. So I’m glad we got those few days initially and just hope home stuff doesn’t put us back in our training.

Anyway… This morning we walked through Bolton town centre with distractions galore, many obstacles to weave around and fun things to find. On the whole he did well but still needs that confidence to come across me when the object is in front of him.

He also likes pigeons and took a bit of a correction to get him to walk past them at his usual speed.

After our walk, we went back to the hotel, had lunch and headed home.

So far the dogs have played, Bailey got a bit worried but both have settled quite well at this point. all could change but definitely are behaving as I write this.

Hope pup settles well tonight and we can get kick started on continuing to get to know each other šŸ™‚

Thanks and hugs


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