Guide Dog Training, Day 5

Every bad walk shows you how amazing the good ones are.

The first walk of yesterday was pretty good. We walked through a little market town, increasing the dog’s work load by introducing street furniture, busier roads and different crossings I.E. pelicons and zebras.

My boy was ready to rock and roll and it was a pretty good walk.

A few pointers were taken, like if he stops, stepping back and asking forward to check if he needs to come across me. Keeping my arm relaxed to as I was hugging it when my confidence was low.

All things I probably do know although this week has questioned how much I do know with guide dog handling. I think it’s probably good I feel I’ve forgotten it all as it means starting over isn’t too bad.

I was much straighter and followed well.

The rain came yesterday afternoon after we’d had a talk with our service user rep and a lady from engagement. Sadly with the coming of the rain the poor pup’s head seemed to be mush.

He overshot a few kerbs, tried to steal a pasty which he’s not known to scavenge so my instructor gave a firm “No”. We don’t want that habit starting up. Lots of puddles which he did go through despite him not being over fond of them.

Yesterday afternoon really shot my confidence a bit but I know it’s partly due to hormones and just kind of natural. A dip in confidence is inevitable with a new partnership; at least I’ll keep telling myself that.

After we’d worked onto the bus, which he doesn’t seem to like the noise of the ramp but the one yesterday afternoon didn’t have the ramp lowered so he was pretty happy to get on it, we waited in Morisons cafe as the instructors worked with the other clients, soggy and with soggy pups.

Once back at the hotel, we defrosted and I left my pup for 30 minutes during dinner in my room. He seemed to behave well so I was pleased.

An obedience session followed dinner as he’d been a little cheeky during our play session. He did well though and I praised him lots and gave him a huge cuddle.

Hopefully today’s better.

Hugs MJ

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