Guide Dog Training, Day 4

I am so tired. so unbelievably tired! lol. If anyone tells you guide dog training is a breeeze,… they’re lying. It’s physically and emotionally draining.

Today we did off kerb obstacles. So if an obstacle is blocking the pavement, you need to go around it and sometimes this will be off the kerb.

We’re doing off kerbs much sooner because of the way training has fallen. Normally we’re in the hotel for 2 weeks but our class for a variety of reasons are here for just one.

We walked with the road on our right and did off kerbs. my boy was very good and is building slowly with confidence. I felt a little unsure at points today but think it’s only natural your confidence gets a lapse.

Then we walked down to the super market and had his guide dog early trainer follow us and sat and did some cafe work. He doesn’t like the hard floors so takes him a bit to lay down and stay down but he did it. Got to see some dog distraction to and it’s very minimal to.

We bussed it back up and he wasn’t sure of the ramp being lowered so we’re going to look at that again tomorrow.

back to the off kerbs but on the left side this time. These were hit and miss but he did them. Bless his heart.

This afternoon was the health and welfare talk followed by group obedience.

My boy did so well but you could feel him quivering, desperate to get the toy or the food but he didn’t. A few corrections but he always responded. Such a good boy.

Play once we got back to the room, dinner, for both of us, then more play followed by grooming. He’s chilling now and I’m going to bathe and sleep i think. exhausted.

Only 2 full days left on class at the hotel. Hope it all continues to go well.



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