Guide Dog Training: Day 1

So if you haven’t guessed, I’m on day one with what I hope will be my new guide dog.

He’s fun, playful, confused and excited, just like me then. currently he’s begging me to play with him but as it’s not long since dinner, I’m politely ignoring the begging. No sick dogs please.

Why is training so exhausting? Only just turned 5 PM and i feel like crashing out.

So first day was a lot of admin stuff. We arrived, went through the owner/organisation agreement, basic rules, then some mobility followed by lunch.

Once lunch was done we were issued with our dogs in our rooms after the equipment had arrived.

Some play and bonding then obedience on the lead followed by short handle work for the humans while the dogs watched from the back of the instructors cars. clearly they were weighing up what plebs they were expected to work with.

Short handle walks are done to give a refresh without putting some badly learnt habits onto your new dogs. I learnt my straightness was completely wonky and I needed a few recaps on foot positioning. But did a few walks around the car park with various following and instructions given by me to my pretend dog.

Back to the room after a spend in the pen then more play with a bit of obedience incorporated.

Some straight obedience then feeding and now I’m trying hard not to give into his requests of play until his tummy has settled.

Hope food is good and apparently the carpet smells yummy.

Tomorrow should be fun and boy have I picked up some bad habits. heehee.


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