What Will Be Will Be

We say this little phrase so often in life, but what does it mean? Yes, obviously what will be will be but in what context do we attach emotion to it?

It implies we don’t care often but when underneath it all, we care a great deal!

At this point, I know, “what will be will be” and nothing I hope/do about the situation, it will work itself out and I am out of control of the entire thing.

All I can do is work hard and relax but that is often easier said than done.

A few weeks ago I wrote, but didn’t publish a blog about a matching visit I had with a little lab called Bertie. I’m meant to begin training with him on Monday, less than 36 hours away and I can say “what will be will be” but I know I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t work out.

I’m so scared of jinxing the entire thing but I know nothing I do really will make a difference apart from my attention and willingness to work with the instructor and dog.

i’m a whole host of emotions; excited, scared, anxious, worried, happy, anticipation, so much more!

We’re only doing one week at the hotel which is essentially a good thing but with the crap that happened last night with our idiot neighbours I’m a bit worried it’ll scare the poor thing and he’ll not settle into our house. Even to the point now I’m looking at moving out because I just want this relationship to work.

I will be up early Monday morning, off to the train to Horrwich and we’ll be starting training at the hotel.

I went and did some orientation with my old rehab officer on Thursday so at least I’m a bit familiar with the place and it was good to catch up with him.

I just hope he likes me.

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