A Beautiful Surprise

The ladies I rode with last week, and I had decided it would be nice to do a two hour ride together. We had pencilled it in for this week and so yesterday morning I headed up to the yard and met the others there. We were going to ride to the quarry which is a ride I’ve done and enjoyed before.

I brushed Mr Topaz and discovered I’d be riding a certain Mr Shadow. The sun was shining and despite the cold we hoped the weather would stay dry.

It turned out there was to be six of us riding yesterday. Three customers, my usual ride leader and our riding school owner with a welcome straggler of one of the helpers.

We headed off down the lane and have to ride the first part and last part of the ride through an estate. All horses were behaving lovely and Shadow seemed happy to be out with his friends.

Halfway up the big hill, I pronounced I was warm and the others joked I should have taken my coat off. Not five minutes later, as we entered the track leading to the quarry, the rain started to fall. I was so grateful for my coat then.

There’s a stream running down which we walk up past, I wish I’d got some video but I was busy readjusting my right stirrup as I knew a canter was coming up if the ground was good.

We got to the bottom, and the path kind of curves around to the left which is a bit daunting the first time I did it but it’s fun now!

Shadow took off happily behind his friends and I was up in my forward seat and moving happily with him. The horses really pound up this stretch as it’s a bit of a steep incline.

We got to the top, walked some more and then did another pelting canter. It’s so quiet and peaceful up there. I love it! I promise I will get pictures soon on my next ride up there but honestly, it was raining and cloudy, so the images wouldn’t have been as pretty.

Lots of laughs and conversations took place and it was truly a fun and relaxing ride!

Coming back down the other side, I heard an exclamation from behind me. “look!” A few awed and reported there was a deer running the other side of the water. A real life deer. I think it’s safe to say that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a deer knowingly.

It really humbles you sitting on the back of such a majestic creature like a horse and see the proud king of the woodlands in the near distance.

We picked our way back down and headed back through the estate.

We hoped to get another canter on the fields we usually use as the ground wasn’t brilliant at the quarry for much cantering but it was a mud bath. never mind, always next time.

I had some fabulous help from the ladies both from our Riding school and the other riders watching out for me but it was always done in such a warm and companionable way. Nice to feel like I’m not just the blind girl amongst them. 🙂



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  1. Yes, you’re very fortunate to have such caring folks to ride with ! I really enjoy your descriptions of the feel, smell, sounds of your experiences. Your mounts are fantastic, apparently! I look forward to some pictures!

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