Super Cold Ride on…

I booked an hour’s ride for today and off I went to the yard. I was happy to discover I’d be riding a certain Mr Shadow.

I guess I’ve got to the point with hacks, that they are just all so fun filled that they don’t seem anything different to the week before. It was really nice to ride out with my hacking leader and another lady though. Something dramatically changes in the horses when there are just horse and riders.

We cantered a fair bit and trotted loads as some of the ground we would normally canter on was slightly solid and there were some ice on the ground in the puddles so it was safer not to try it.

It was a pleasant and fun ride and I loved every minute of it. My rising trot felt very neat so I was pretty pleased with it all today.



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  1. Fab! So glad fun is such a regular part of things nowadays 😀 As it should be!

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