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This will or will not be posted, depending on the next few weeks. But I wanted to write down my feelings never the less.

I got a call from a Guide dog mobility instructor on Tuesday, saying she may have a dog for me. He came yesterday and we went on a, what they call, matching walk.

This is where the instructor gets to see if you’re suitable to the dog and for you to see if the dog is suitable for you.

I was very nervous yesterday and felt so unsure but very excited. It’s so emotional. You want to believe it’ll be OK but the superstitious side of my mind said, but he probably won’t be right for you. I’m all about not jinxing it but it’s hard not to get excited. You work with a dog then you don’t and it’s like the night and day feeling.

Anyway, this little lad came and we went for a walk.

He was lovely to walk with. Perfect speed for me and lovely tention and so eager. It was a quick but good walk to see how he’s doing.

All being well I will start training with him on the twenty-seventh of this month. I hope he does get through the rest of his training, he got along well with Bailey and it just felt right.

Please let this go well and the next few weeks are going to drag. Every time the phone rings i keep thinking it’ll be his instructor saying it won’t work for whatever reason.

Just so nervous and excited and hope everything goes as well as possible.


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