Happy New Year And Back On Horse Back

First of all, let me wish you all a very happy new year. I hope Christmas was wonderful and you saw in the New year how you wanted to.

I know, it’s been a while since we were here, talking about horses. There’s a simple reason for that… Life took over and I’ve been crazy busy with volunteering, meeting with friends and other commitments that I was time and financially restricted from riding.

Sunday was my first ride in over a month. It was amazing to be back around the horses.

I dumped my bag and said hello to the girls and was incidentally standing by Shadow’s stable. I got a lovely nuzzle and a kiss from my gentle friend. I like to think he might have missed me but suspect he was just hoping for polos.

I rode the gorgeous Topaz first. He was in a ploddy mood and definitely gave my legs a good solid, welcome back to riding, work out.

There were no canters on this ride as the ground was so boggy which would have made it hard for the girls to walk on. It was a nice first ride for me. And Topaz definitely let me know I was back in the saddle.

I decided to do two rides and lucked out as I got Shadow and the chance to ride out with my hacking leader. Couldn’t have asked for a better first day back to hacking.

Shadow was perfectly behaved and just moved so nicely beneath me. Everything I asked for, he did without hesitation.

We did canter on this ride. And I was so happy to be flying along on my gentle friend’s back again. It was dry, cold but we gently cantered across the field. It was boggy but the horses still rode happily across it.

A nice long trot which I felt so easy rising and falling to… Not at all like I expected. I truly thought I’d be so out of shape but the trot barely bothered my fitness levels. I could’t believe how easy it was to just fall back into the saddle and have a happy ride.

We walked down the hill and cantered back up, my confidence was still there in my forward seat and I just ffffffelt like I’d been doing this forever.

A few years ago I thought about quitting because I couldn’t grasp canter and I didn’t believe you all when you said it’d come eventually. Now, canter is the gait I love so much and find so easy. I even feel so secure in my forward seat, to the point it just feels as natural as anything.

I did wonder if my confidence might have slipped but it certainly hadn’t. Even when I jumped off and Shadow was impatient to get into his stable, I was firm with him and made him stand still while I ran up his stirrups. He was so good and a Shadow cuddle was so amazing to have again. Truly missed those gorgeous beasts.

I’ve booked in for an hour ride next Sunday so hope the weather stays relatively OK.

Thanks for Reading and here’s to a horsey filled 2014.


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  1. <3 this. I could write on essay on why, but you know why! 😀

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