Christmas 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas period and Santa brought you all you hoped for.

I was very spoilt. A very lucky girl indeed.

But before all of that.

I’d left you with my up and coming trip to Olympia which went amazingly well by the way. I loved the show and blogged about it over on Riding Blog

It was fantastic meeting my friends and we had fun. I did get stranded in the Midlands on the train ride home but it was all good. I was just bone tired when I got back.

Thursday was spent wrapping gifts and writing last minute cards. I tried to relax a bit before the busy weekend.

Friday, sister and I went for a make over and photo shoot. then went for an improntu shopping trip into the city centre. I came home, changed and went out for dinner with my good friends to a nice curry place and tried a new dish as well as getting a bit tipsy.

Saturday I met my wonderful friend and her guide dog where we had a Christmas lunch together and exchanged gifts. we had a lovely time and the dogs were so well behaved. The staff in our Whetherspoons were fantastic as usual with us.

On the Sunday met up with my best friend and her partner and we had a few drinks and went to the Christmas markets. We had a lot of fun to. That week was so perfect and I enjoyed every last minute of it.

On the Monday, went food shopping with mum for the christmas things we would need. And on Christmas eve went to help get the meat from the butchers and started the clean up for Christmas day. I have loved my Hetty this past week. she’s just simply awesome!

Mum and I relaxed Christmas eve, and did our usual peeling and prepping of the vegetables.

I woke up late on Christmas morning but was very happy to discover santa had been with a lot of gifts and I was sincerely spoilt.

New riding boots from my parents and I cannot wait to break them in and go riding soon. Mum and dad also got me some horse PJs, new jogging bottoms, and a cool massaging dog neck thing which is very cool. Bailey got me a riding hat cover to keep my hat dry in the rain. My auntie and uncle got me some awesome socks and an iTunes gift card. sister bought me a body shop gift set whilst the nephews bought me some chocolates. Also got chocolates from my amazing friend who also got me a horse statue and a horse cup. My best friend bought me a beautiful necklace and a packet of mixed sweets that we used to eat growing up. Mum’s friend who I have always called mum No2 bought me a beautiful custom made cushion with the slogan, “I live to ride” with a horse’s head on it and my name printed. It’s beautiful. I was sincerely spoilt.

I helped out a lot with cooking and I really enjoyed that but my family dramas and rudeness spoilt it for me. I’m definitely hoping to spend Christmas away from home next year and actually be allowed to enjoy christmas. Too much bah humbug in our house by certain people Christmas day and no thanks or appreciation for what was done and the Christmas spirit. I even stormed out at one point with the dog and just wanted to escape. Christmas day was the saddest for me.

Boxing day was fun though. I was cooking again and did a finger food buffet. My auntie and uncles came and it was really a lot of fun. Stuffed myself silly.

Just relaxed and eaten this weekend but have definitely got sick now. Cough has infested my chest now.

But Christmas was awesome minus the not so awesome factors. I’m so grateful for the amazing people in my life. Bailey was spoilt by me, mum and one of my amazing friends.

Hope 2014 is a fabulous year for everyone but I will no doubt do my traditional reflection blog on NYE.

Happy new year to all though. 2014 has to be a fabulous year to all of those I hold dear.



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