Baiely’s Dlog Entry Christmas

Hello there dlogging buddies. Hope you are all well. I’m afraid I have bad news. My mummy has been really awful to me all week. She’s left me a few times since my harness went bye-bye but this week she’s hardly been home.

Tuesday\ She got up very early and left until just before my dinner time. She did actually feed me doggy friends. How big of her to take time out of her busy schedule to feed little old me. And yet, she smelled funny when she got home. You know why dlogging friends? That’s right. She was with other doggies.


She got up early again. even earlier and fed me and off she strode out of the door. She was gone all day my friends. All day and poor me had to go on walks with grandma and relax at home. Just disgusting! And she couldn’t be bothered returning in time for dinner. Not good enough in this Lord’s opinion.


Well, it was amazing. she actually managed to stay home. But sadly this was not to last.


She left with my Auntie V((((( and came home around dinner time but grandma fed me because she was too busy getting ready to go out! Yes, she left me again!


She was home and then hurray, we got to go and meet my friend and I barked at her to tell her where me and mummy were standing. Mummy told me to shut up but I was saying hi to my friend. We sat in the pub whilst mummy and Auntie G***** talked and ate and talked some more.Then mummy actually managed to stay home last night.

Today which is Sunday she left again! Went to see my favourite Uncle J**** and auntie H***** but didn’t take me. Just super sad ladies and gentlemen.

But in good news. Mummy says Santa paws is coming in three sleeps time. I hope he leaves me lots of goodies. and i hope all of my doggy and human friends get all that they hope to.

Merry Christmas

Lord Master Bailey of Bone Manor

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