Great Week of Pre-Festivities

This week has been simply epic on so many levels. Not only have I taken matters into my own hands, physically, with mobility but I’ve had the privelege of sharing the festive celebrations with some fantastic people and friends.

Tuesday, I went off to the RNIB members’ forum in Crewe and had a very interesting and productive day. I met some wonderful people and learnt so much and we also had a lovely turkey lunch.

Wednesday, I travelled down to London and met my friend to go to the Olympia International horse show. We met up with another friend and enjoyed the spectacle that is olympia.

thursday I wrapped and did homely duties whilst Friday saw me going to a make over and photo shoot with my sister followed by an improntu shopping trip in the city.

Friday night I was having dinner with two wonderful friends and ended up trying a new but yummy Indian dish along with a delicious wine. Lots of laughs were had and it set up a fabulous weekend.

yesterday I met with my wonderful friend and her guide dog. She and I took her guide and my retired pup, bailey to the local pub and enjoyed my second Christmas dinner of the week. More laughs and enjoyment was had.

Then today I met up with my best friend and her partner who is like my brother and we went to the final day of the Christmas markets in Manchester as well as sharing a few festive drinks.

It’s been a busy but wonderful week and I am so thankful right now to all of those wonderful people in my life.

Have been vegging out on the couch watching Harry Potter tonight and looking forward to finishing the Christmas shopping, which we did more of today, over the next few days. All presents are wrapped and cards written. I want to wish everyone a fabulous Christmas. enjoy each other and raise a glass to you all.

Merry Christmas!

Hugs, MJ

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