I had arranged to go to my first big horse show with one of my fabulous twitter sisters. For those who don’t know, there are a group of us, all horse mad of course who got to know each other on twitter and hence the name.

So as it happened, another of our twitter sisters was going at the same time so we decided to meet up.

I travelled down to London on the 8:15 train and met my friend. we headed over to Olympia on the underground which was all pretty painless and got in with little queuing. After grabbing some food, we found our seats which were directly opposite the arch way and the entrance where the horses and performers all come into the arena.

If you don’t know what Olympia is, let me explain. It’s a festive horse show, complete with appearances from santa where different show jumping and dressage classes take place, along with smaller classes by the pony club and dog agility people. It’s the home of the London International Horse show and is 41 years old.

A lot of people have told me they used to watch Olympia on the tV but sadly, horse related sports, besides racing is not shown as often as those of us who are horse crazy would like.

Anyway, we watched the opening spectacle of some gymnasts and elves ringing bells then a class with pony club members who rode alongside adult riders. It was the mini major class and riders like Laura renic and Guy Williams jumped with the kids.

Then we saw a performance by the senior instructor of the Royal Andalusian school of Equestrian arts do a dressage piece. It was beautiful and I was very lucky to have a lovely friend willing to describe the performance to me.

Then it was the Shetland pony grand national and what fun that was.

The school of Equestrian Arts did another performance in a quartet which was also very beautiful before we broke for the interval.

We wondered to the shopping area and it was very busy but met up with our other friend. I nearly, and I repeat nearly bought Bailey yet another dog toy but decided against it.

Before we knew it though, we headed back to our seats to watch the Santa’s stakes Show Jumping class. Riders like Ben Maher, Scott Brash, Laura Renic and many other house hold names were competing in this. Sadly, only Laura made the placement in 4TH. It was won by the Italian Luca Maria Moneta won which was very awesome.

I noticed funnily, that although we cheered the winner, the crowd cheered the loudest when it was a British rider riding.

Then, we were treated to a performance including horses, of course. It was called a Dickens Christmas and there was a Queen Victoria in her carriage drawn by horses and even Santa showed up on his horse drawn slay. Lots of singing and Christmas cheer and I did walk away feeling mighty Christmasy.

Olympia isn’t cheap tickets but they were so worth it!

I didn’t buy anything, although there was a lot to choose from but I didn’t really feel I needed anything. The experience was just so awesome.

And thanks to my wonderful friend who described everything she could to me without even being prompted. You are amazing! 🙂

Thanks for reading and a Merry christmas to you all


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  1. Olympia was a fab day and it was great to meet up with you and Maddi finally 😀

  2. SOOOOO jealous! Sounds fab, and you all deserved it though 😀 Hope I have the spare time and money to join in doing something similar with my fab Twitter Sisters this year!

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