Meeting Friends For the First Time

Social media can be a dangerous and daunting place but it also can be a place where you find friendship and have fun.

I’ve had my fair share of nasty surprises and incidents on social networking but on a few occasions recently, I was lucky enough to take my online friendships to the “real world”.

Two ladies I met through blogging and twitter I actually met yesterday when I went to the Olympia Horse show. I actually travelled to and sat with one of them and we met the other later on.

A few months ago, I also met another lady who I met on twitter but we are both involved with the RNIB now and have become fab friends.

As much as I think it’s prudent to be cautious, sometimes those friendships can be the support network you need. The two ladies I met yesterday have certainly been there for me with my horse woes in the past and it was really cool to finally meet them both and share a day of horsey activity.

Just now, I’m having a crazy conversation about what food items to put where in place of the “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” lyrics. So much fun.

But kids, still be safe. Not everyone is as fun or cool as some of the people I’ve met. some are damn right creepy and you can be whoever you want to be online and not your true self. Keep that in mind and always be safe.

OK, lecture over. Have fun.

Hugs MJ

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  1. Excellent advice! Glad your connections turned out to be fantastic people! But yeah, great advice. It seems rather commonplace for people to fabricate a fake online identity. Recently I read a woman’s story about blogging through her cancer survival journey. In the process of her surviving and blogging, she met many other survivors online. Unfortunately, a couple of girls who claimed to also have cancer, turned out to be total frauds. But of course she did not figure this out until after investing much time in emotion in the friendships. Cases like that are being referred to as Internet Munchhausen’s. Of course situations like that seem more rare and extreme. Still, one can never be too careful.

    So anyway, fantastic your connections turned out to be real genuine wonderful friends! The horse show must have been just incredible! I can only imagine how beautiful the costumes and everything else must’ve been!

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