Life Is Crazy And I’m Loving it

Yesterday saw the start of a crazy but fun filled week for me. I had the RNIB members forum that was taking place in crewe yesterday. I hopped on a tram to meet my friend in Manchestrer, stopping at a Starbucks for a festive Gingerbread latte and picked a drink up for my friend while I was at it, then we walked to Picadili and boarded our train.

The day was great and I got to see new friends I’ve made in the past few months which was fabulous and meet some new ones to.

I came back with a newly made friend and assistance showed up at manchester which was brilliant. I got home and was super proud I’d felt pretty happy about travelling yesterday. Even the fact I fell over in the morning, my own stupid fault, didn’t bother me.

Today, all hopefully going to plan, I’m heading off to the big smoke and meeting up with some twitter friends and we’re going to Olympia Horse Show. I’m super excited but anxious to. But gotta try these things.

A busy weekend filled with meeting friends and exchanging gifts and I’m feeling rather blessed and happy at the moment.

I hope this week all goes well and I can report that it’s been a tiring but fun filled week. Now I hope I haven’t jinxed myself.

I’m kinda proud of the fact that I’m going places with a cane now that I would never have done before. It’s scary and I do miss having a dog and will be so happy when a new pup arrives but it’s somewhat grattifying that I’m even doing this.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this week goes well. and I’m wishing everyone a fabulous pre-christmas week. enjoy your friends and family, that’s what Christmas is about. I’m hopefully going to enjoy mine 🙂

Hugs MJ

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