Book Review: Come and Be An Outlander

The outlander series by Dianna Gabaldon, is a best selling series of romance novels with a twist. Claire Randal is honey mooning in the Highlands of Scotland in 1946 with her husband frank when she is mysteriously transported back almost two hundred years through a mini stone henge. She finds herself face to face with her husband’s not so pleasant ancestor, “Black Jack Randal” but is rescued by the highland clan of Mackenzie.

Claire’s work as an English nurse during the second world war comes in handy when needing to treat young, gallant Jamie Fraser as they take her further away from the porthole from which she travelled. Clair”s life and existence turns into turmoil and she’s faced with situations, decisions and an alluring love that she could never have dreamed of.

Gabaldon transports her reader back to the eighteenth century Highlands and gives you characters you love and loathe but ones you can identify with and laugh, cry or support implicitly. Her easy writing style even makes the dialect of Northern Scotland feel native and her descriptions are evoking both of landscape and emotions.

A must read even if you’re not a romance fan. This book brings fun, fight, drama, anticipation and suspense all delivered to you by believable characters and circumstances.

Fantastic, funny, infuriating, and fulfilling to any book lover.

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