Bailey’s Dlog: Entry: What the Bailey will do When Mummy’s Away

Mummy got up very early today and I thought it was Christmas. Breakfast early, huzzah! But she got dressed, told me to go back to bed until grandma got up. Well, that was not good enough. Where was Lord Bailey’s breakfast?

So she left me. I went to back to sleep and even when Grandma got up, I stayed in bed. I was not getting up for no reason. So only when she said, “Bailey, breakfast”, did I move my furry blond but downstairs.

I got to chill a lot, go to the park with Grandma and sleep some more, chill a bit more, got dinner at 6 although I wanted it at 5 but grandma wasn’t falling for that one. She’s no fun is she?

eventually, mummy came home and I bounced! Bounced I tell you. But she smelled dlogging friends. Of… wait for it!!!!! Other doggies! I was disgusted I tell you.

Not only did she not give me breakfast, she spent the day with other dogs.

So it’s been a hard old day for this dog and time for my pillow and paws now so nightinight friends.

Lord Master Bailey of Bone Manor

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