Bailey’s Dlog: Entry, I’m Better

Happy woofs and wags to all of my blog fans. I thank you so very much for your lovely thoughts. Mum has told me about all the nice people on Facebook and Twitter who have been asking after me.

I was poorly, doggie and human pals. i was so so so sick I couldn’t eat. Mummy starved me.

Well, not actually. She tried to give me food but it didn’t agree with me.

Mummy says she hopes I’m getting better. I’m barking lots, running around, playing with my toys and being a silly Bailey so what else do I need to do to make her understand I am a good boy and better?

She keeps walking me with grandma every so often and I heard her say tonight there is a new toy coming in a box for me. Just for me doggy friends because I was a brave boy.

I had to go away from mummy for a whole day at the animal doctors. They were very nice to me but I just wanted mummy. And mummy couldn’t understand I was feeling sick.

She kept giving me this horrible, yucky, disgusting medicine that tasted like cat pee, [not that I know what cat pee tastes like], and it was just awful. And the worst thing was she woke me up in the middle of the night. Does she not comprehend we Lords need our sleep?

Anyway, hopefully I don’t puke or poop like that again. I want to go on lots of runs and eat lots of pigs’ ears. Santa Paws, are you listening?

Anyway all, lots of love and woofs and wags,

Lord Master Bailey of Bone Manor, [where dogs rule!]

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