It’s been a roller coaster the past week and the fact I’m sleep deprived at the minute is not helping in the least.

The Sunday before last, Bailey woke me up with an urgency to go to the toilet. I was dismayed to find the number two he left for me. He proceeded to be sick and wouldn’t keep anything down.

The vets the next day, and they gave him some antibiotics and some anteacid tablets and was instructed to feed him chicken and rice all week. Things looked like they were on the up but his number twos were not right and Friday night he was sick again. we took him back to the vets and they admitted him for dehydration and tests.

The tests came back clear and he was prescribed a tummy protective medicine and we were told to feed him small portions often in line with the medication. This included a 3 aM get up for medication and 4 AM wake up for food. Needless to say, this knackered me out but obviously I was willing to do whatever it would take to get him back to health.

Monday morning, we had made it, phew, and the vet was pleased with his progress. I was instructed to keep him on chicken and rice until he produced a normal pooh. Then to gradually reintroduce his food with chicken and rice and finish the medication.

Now, he’s finished his meds, has passed a somewhat normal pooh with a bit of yellow but mostly solid and brown and has eaten all we have given him. he’s not drinking but the vets said that would change once he started back on his normal food. I’m just very anxious now. I’m worried he’ll be sick again tonight and we’ll be back at square one again before the week is out. I just feel so sorry for him and want him to get better. Poor Bailey dog.

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