A Lovely Hour On the Horses

I didn’t ride on Sunday as I have a poorly dog at the moment and middle of the night medicine and feeding has made me very tired. However, I’d arranged to do an hour this morning and dog was stable so I went to get some fresh air and ride.

It was a crisp but sunny morning. I brushed King Kenny and then Princess Bella. I have a very bad habit of singing to the horses. I’ve been caught out once before by my hacking RL and it happened again this morning as I was brushing Bella.

I filled a few hay nets and then we mounted and went off for an hour of enjoyment.

I rode Kenny today. He was a really good boy. My hacking rL was on Bella and it was such an enjoyable ride. Kenny was forward and listened to me. The canters were brilliant, his trots were lovely and I felt so safe and happy on him.

The route we take on an hour gives a few opportunities for canters and we took them.

The sun shining, the horses ready to go and I was just so happy and felt confident and comfortable riding the lovely coloured gelding.

A very successful and positive ride on a horse I’ve not ridden loads but am enjoying experiencing right now.



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