Back In The School

I had my first lesson in around six weeks yesterday. I had specifically asked for Bella as I felt I needed that comfort blanket as my confidence had taken a nose dive in the school.

I helped out a bit first and when I got on Bella, I was relaxed and happy. Having had some good, positive hacks on her has probably helped me in the school a bit.

Yesterday was fun and games as it’s rained hard and there’s been a blocked drain so we couldn’t use the track as usual. we were on an inside track and turned at M to come across the school at the bottom end.

I was getting used to the new temporary route with Bella and she felt forward and relaxed.

My RI commented on how effective my legs were looking in walk and when I asked Bella to “walk on” at F which is her favourite letter to stop at, she gave a buck in protest but did as I ask. Got to love those mares. 🙂

We did a few changes of rein, which were better than they have been, my walk to trot and trot to walk transitions were apparently looking good. I just need to get my effective leg i have with her in walk to trot now. When she starts to slow, I need to keep her going. And by the end of the lesson, Bella was keeping up her trot a bit better.

We didn’t do laps of the school but a lot of the reason was because of my own fatigue. My RI said as long as I kept her trotting down the long sides, she was happy with that yesterday.

Bella’s energy was good and consistent and my reins were much more relaxed, although a little too tight in the beginning.

My RI, and I were both pleasantly surprised that it was such a good and positive lesson as usually when I’ve had a break, we have to have a recap lesson. But I received a lot of praise and my rI said she was liking what she saw. My legs were effective both in keeping Bella going and moving her over. Bella’s attention was on me, her trots were forward whenever I asked and only when I tired did she slow.

I was super proud of that pony yesterday and thanked her for such a good positive lesson. It was certainly what I needed. And I definitely felt happier in the saddle in the school yesterday.

We also talked about how good hacking and schooling compliment each other. And I firmly believe this. Although schooling is a great tool, the relaxed environment of hacking is also a great way to implement some of the skills learnt in the school. And vice versa, the hacks provide you with a relaxed attitude you can then take back into the school along with some more practice in between lessons.

It was a great day!



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  1. Another key lesson learned! They really do complement one another, and your attitude is fab 🙂 Glad you got the confidence boost you needed, and at the right time 🙂

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