Needed that Blast

I had had another break from riding but today’s rides really boosted me back into the riding game.

My first ride was on Bella and we had a fab ride. she was responsive, forward and I decided not to try for a canter and just have a really positive walk and trot ride. It worked. She was a really good mare for me today and listened all the time.

My only grumble was when she shoved my leg into the brambles, lol.

I asked to ride Kenny next and had a lovely surprise when I rode out on this one with my RI on Bella and another young lady who helps out on a smaller pony.

There was little trotting involved in this ride.

We walked up the hill and headed onto the field. I lost count of the number of canters we had on this ride but we just kept cantering along together. This was my first ride out on Kenny without someone on the ground which was awesome! He was amazing! Kenny stepped it up a gear for me on this hack. We were cantering across the field, in amazing canter forwardness and I just felt so amazing.

I’ve said it before, Kenny’s bouncy gait unnerved me in the beginning and if you’d ever told me I’d be cantering along at fast canter speeds on him, I would never have believed you. He was always listening and when I asked, he gave. I was proud of that horse today.

We must have done a minimum of four canters on the field, all lengthy and fast and fun but always controlled and the horses were great!

There is certainly nothing better than flying along on a horse’s back in my opinion. I definitely needed that blast.

We did a few trots and he was brilliant there to, so much more forward than I’ve seen him before and oddly enough, my rising trot was incredibly controlled on this gorgeous gelding. Not sure how that happened as I’ve ridden him probably the least.

We had a great ride and headed home in the crazy rain/hail/shine.

I was in need of this today and so thankful to all involved, especially in that second ride for making it happen. And a big shout out to Bella who has realised she and I can work well together.

Thanks, Marie

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  1. Much love for this! So glad you are cantering so much more, so confidently, on a horse that shows you how things have progressed, and along fields too. You’ll be ready for a wee Common Ride across fields before you know it 😉 lol.

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