Autumnal Rides

Autumn has returned again and so did I, to riding that is. I’ve not ridden for two weeks due to a dodgy wrist caused by use of my long cane which I use to get around whilst I’m waiting for a new guide dog.

But today, I returned to the saddle.

I helped out as usual, getting a lovely greeting from Shadow and proceeded to brush him.

I also picked out Kenny’s feet by my self which was cool. He was such a good pony.

I rode him first today. And what a pleasure it was. We got lovely canters after I woke him up but each time I asked, I got one. Each one got better and better though which was nice.

After lunch, I chose to ride Bella. I even asked if in my next lesson, if I could have her again as she’s like my comfort blanket horse in the school.

She was good and we even got a stride of canter to. I really was pleased with her. Considering I haven’t ridden her in a while, it was a pretty good ride.

Was definitely glad to be back in the saddle!


Marie y

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  1. Ride on Kenny sounds great! Nice work on Bella too; I love that you want her back in the school. Feels like ages ago that you felt you needed a change from her to make progress! Long may you be back in the saddle 🙂

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