Written Update

So, you’ve been seeing a lot of blogs from me which are actually audio boos. I was doing the Octaver thing but that fell by the wayside as other things have been going on.

I actually had a very busy week which is awesome. My wrist has been playing up so haven’t been out as much as I would like but this week kind of changed all that.

If you have heard my audio boo from last Saturday, I talked how I went to watch Chicago. It was awesome and I loved the performance and the touch tour before hand. I think it is so crucial that we have a full experience and I certainly felt like I did last Friday.

Tuesday was spent shopping with my sister. I bought some more Christmas presents and then went out with the inbetweeners, the blind group I’m a part of for dinner. Wednesday was quietish, but Thursday I went to do a Guide dog talk at my friend’s work place which was fun.

Friday was spent doing laundry and today I took Bailey for a free run in the park and didn’t get lost either which is super cool. My sister really helped when she showed me the route last week.

I’ve also been preparing for my trip to London next week. I was only meant to be going on the Thursday but got a call this week to ask if I wanted to do the whole course. It’s a training course on campaigning so I jumped at the chance. Not sure how I will cope with the old cane but if I don’t try, I’ll never know. Plus, I can’t put my life on hold waiting for another dog. Although I hope one is found sooner rather than later. I miss having a four legged guide. I know many people use their canes but I just prefer the ease of use with a dog.

Haven’t been able to ride because of the wrist so excited to ride tomorrow. You watch, it’ll be horrible weather but it’s a welcome come back in my life. It’s been a long two weeks.

I’m actually doing this blog on my iPad mini with this very cool new folio case I bought from Logitech. So far I’m impressed. Not sure how good or bad the battery life is so lets wait and see but it’s super sleek and sexy.

Speak soon



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