Felt a Bit Useful

Thursday came around very quickly again but I was super excited. I headed up to the yard by around 10:45. I help out on a Thursday to the best of my abilities and usually have my lesson.

I was brushing the cute pony yesterday morning and both my Riding instructor and hacking leader had to go on a ride so I was “left in charge of the yard”. It was so quiet and I was really enjoying just hanging with the cute pony. He’s such a gentle one. I’d never brushed him before and you’ll know from my Sunday blog that I rode him for the first time on Sunday so it was cool to brush him. I did retrieve about half a tree from his mane, tail and his feathers. lol 🙂

I was told if a client who was due showed up to ask her to brush Jim. So when she arrived I leant her my brushes and she brushed the pony.

When the ride arrived back, I was asked to tack up the pony I’d been brushing. I was amazed as I’ve never done this before but I did although had a slight issue and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I’d done wrong. His cheek piece looked odd. It was sticking out and no matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I called over my riding school owner and asked her what I’d done wrong. She said sometimes, the bridles get caught up on themselves and I just had to pull a strap outwards and it fixed itself. I thanked her and lead him out.

Once I’d done that, I ordered lunch for the yard which i’ve never done before. And I got it all right. lol.

I brushed Mr Shadow who was on the fence then was asked if I’d shoo Harry away from the fence as he has a habit of itching his bottom on the fence so I shifted his big bum away and he went back to munching his hay. The bales arrived then though so we had to move the horses from the fence and I unhooked Shadow from the fence and lead him into a stable at the far end of the yard. I finished brushing him and he was being very cute yesterday.

I filled a hay net before lunch and then we ate lunch. I did more hay nets after lunch and then was asked if I wanted a lesson with my hacking leader or a ride out. I opted for a ride out as the rain was setting in and I felt I would love a blast on a horse than make my brain work. I know, lazy but I was glad I chose this option.

I tacked Shadow up and then my hacking leader asked if I would tack up Charlie for her. Another new horse. I asked if he was OK with tacking up as I know he’s a sensitive horse. She told me to pat his back before putting the saddle on and be quiet which she said, she knows I am anyway. I tend to touch the horses before putting their saddles on as it gives me a point of location and also it seems kinder than just plonking it on their backs.

I successfully tacked up Charlie and we mounted.

We walked up the hill chatting, the rain coming down now and headed onto the field. We got into canter then Shadow thought he’d transition out to which I responded with no, we’re cantering. I did notice yesterday that when I come out of canter, my sitting trot is much better and I can sit to the trot and get the horse back into canter easier because I’m not bouncing around now. Wish I could sit trot that well out of walk.

Another canter on the field then we were off on the path where we trotted. I do keep trying to do a few strides of sitting trot before rising now on hacks and maybe that’s helping a little.

We went down the hill and then at the bottom my hacking leader asked if I was ready as her horse was to which I replied, absolutely.

We set off if a beautifully forward canter, even more forward than the ones on the field and then he realised his friend was going faster so Shadow picked it up a pace which I had no problem with adjusting to. I just gave a little squeeze on the reins to keep him steady and allow him to know it was OK but put my leg on to keep him forward in canter. We were faster than we had been setting off and what happened next made me smile. Imagine this, you can’t see where you’re going, straight lines are easy right? But imagine when a horse is cantering around a corner? Well, it’s more of a bend but it’s a definite bend and I didn’t over balance, I just adjusted myself and there is no way of knowing when that bend is coming up so I just have to go with the horse and I did. We normally stop before that corner on our Sunday hacks as we usually have a lot of little people with us but yesterday we launched around it and I was grinning, ear to ear.

Another trot and we headed home, the rain pelting down but I was super pleased. I felt so competent yesterday as a rider and the more and more I canter, both in light seat and in the saddle, the more confident and eager I feel to do more. I feel a longer hack coming up soon.

My level of relaxation and fun on hacks is clear to me. I am very much looking forward to Sunday. Even though the rides are slightly more subdued for obvious reasons, they’re fun and I get to help out in the morning to which is also a good thing for me and I enjoy very much.

I untacked Shadow and went to grab him a new hay net as it was virtually empty.

A great day and very enjoyable. Roll on Sunday now.



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  1. Love this! Clearly very handy off a horse as well as on one 😉 Great to see you blossoming in confidence!

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