From Big To Small

I haven’t been riding for two weeks and yes, it was a pleasure to ride this morning.

I first of all rode Mr Topaz. I hadn’t gone up early this morning as I’ve had a cold and didn’t want to make it worse especially as my colds have a nasty habit of coughs turning to chest infection. But I couldn’t resist riding this morning.

Topaz needed a quick brush and we tacked him up. It felt good to be back on that gorgeous cheeky bay.

He and I cantered first whilst the rest of the ride trotted. His canter was so lovely and contained and it was a real tell tale moment as he’s got that sort of bounce to his gait that initially I felt a little disconcerted with. But quiet hands and legs and seat really worked lovely on this gorgeous horse today.

It was a lovely back to riding ride this morning.

I was going to ask for Bella next but she was already out on a ride so I then asked for Harry. However, my hacking RI decided to put me on another pony. And when I say pony, I mean pony.

This sweet pony is the smallest I’ve ever ridden in my riding life standing at 13.3 hands. He is rather wide and allows him to carry bigger riders.

I felt like I was perching on his back but his walk was so lovely and his trot very cute. We even got a little canter.

What a sweet little pony he is. So yes, I officially rode my smallest horse yet. My last smallest was 14.2 so this is a bit smaller again.

I was chuffed to pieces to ride him. What a sweetie. I didn’t have far to jump down from his back. I enjoyed him a lot.

It was a sunny morning and it felt good to be back with the horses. Roll on Thursday and helping out again and a lesson.



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