Bailey’s Dlog: Entry: Update

Hi puppy and people friends. I thought I’d come along and update you on the wonderfulness that is my life now I’ve retired.

I don’t have to guide mummy around any more. My life consists of going on nice sniff filled walks and not having to think about anything. It’s great!

I feel sorry for mummy though. She’s got to use her silly cane.

Ah well. Back to me. I’ve had lots of fun whilst not working and I bounce lots now and just enjoy life. I do miss mummy when she goes but it doesn’t bother me as much anymore.

I know she’ll come back and give me lots of cuddles.

Last weekend she left to a far off place that I think we went to together a while ago. She was happy to be back home with me as i’d been sick before she left.

Grandma looked after me and I got to eat chicken and rice but honestly, I prefer my own food. It was a bit rubbish if I’m honest.

Anyway, thought I’d come over and let you all know, retirement agrees with the Lord Master Bailey.

Lord Bailey

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