Fun At The Yard

I went up to the yard yesterday and got stuck into brushing Mr Shadow. I have noticed more and more he is willing to brush his face much more every time I groom him. He rarely moves away from me and as long as I keep the brushing light, he’s happy for me to do it.

I was having a lesson yesterday as our instructor was unable to give me a lesson so I got to ride out with my hacking RI and another lady.

I was told to get Shadow tacked up and had the interesting task of fastening his girth onto his saddle which I’ve not done before. Got him all sorted and he’s got new stirrup leathers so I felt very even yesterday.

I rode at the back and we went over the farm. Lots of half halts to keep him away from the pony’s bottom in front. Shadow wanted to go! His trots were lovely and I felt very neat yesterday.

We took the route we’ve been doing on Sundays and so I knew that i’d get a canter on the hill. My hacking RI and the lady on the pony in front of me were trotting so I held Shadow back so they could get ahead of me and after a few strides let him go. And off he flew in a canter. He must have spotted his mates trotting and decided he was going to trot to. Not on my watch Mr! I asked him to transition back up, feeling happier again in my forward seat as i’ve done on the previous few rides and the fact I felt happy asking for another canter just proved how safe I feel in the forward seat now. He transitioned back up and I was super pleased with my handsome friend.

My hacking RI said she was pleased as I was virtually doing everything on my own without any direction from her except a reminder to hold Shadow back so I could get a canter. She trusted me enough to hold that gorgeous pony back and I did it. So proud of that horse for always looking after me. 🙂

Back at the yard, I took off his bridle and loosened his girth and went to grab lunch before I helped out more around the yard.

I ended up putting a bridle on one horse, brushing three others and taking Bella’s bridle off before I became my hacking RI’s DIY’s assistant with a few jobs around the yard.

It was a good and fun day.



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