Productive Little Bunny

I woke up dreading this morning. I’ve been walking around with the good old pink cane for around nearly two weeks now but haven’t truly done anything on my own. Bailey’s been at my side except when I went to the RNIB forum on Saturday.

I had a nurse’s appointment this morning and was very lonesome walking to the doctor’s surgery. Your mobility changes when your dog retires but suddenly your little companion has gone to.

I have been putting my big girl pants on though recently as anyone who has read my recent Riding Blog will know.

I walked to the surgery, had my appointment, where all the staff were so sad Bailey wasn’t with me and then decided I’d go and register for the Pilates class at the community centre. I’d never done this walk without Bailey before and it’s not a route I’d done loads that I’d be super confident with so go me for trying it. I truly admire these people who are full time cane users. I don’t mind the cane in small doses but I miss the ease of my dog.

I have found more poles, bins, lampposts, signs on the pavements, furniture outside shops and general other street clutter and it is not a pleasant experience.

Anyway, I arrived to the community centre, signed up with my old Pilates instructor and started for home to go and collect doggy for his walk.

I cross the road and who should I bump into than mum and Bailey.

We walked him around the little memorial park and then went to asda.

Signed up as an RNIB member and washed the doggy’s water bowls. What other productive tasks can I do? Oh, I know, I’ll write my christmas gift list.



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