Put My Big Girl Pants On

I had a fabulous Thursday this past week. And this morning the same horses gave me such a blast, I was so grateful.

I opted to ride Miss Magic as she was still at our riding school. She always has to be lead file so that is interesting with a blind rider on board. Sometimes the horses are very helpful but other days it’s more of a situation where the horse says, “Make me walk in a straight line, if you can”.

Today though, Magic was OK and when she did go off the path, I could easily get her back on.

Her trots were beautiful and she was a really good girl for me.

On Thursday, as those of you who may have read Thursday’s blog, will know that I was chicken riding Magic up the hill as I’d never rode her in a light seat and not having ridden her in a year and knowing I rarely could find my brakes with her, got my hacking RI to run with me and hold Magic. Today I was asked if I wanted someone to run with me or would I be OK? So I decided to put my big girl pants on and off Magic and I flew up the hill in a lovely but typical Welsh D type of canter. She was fabulous! And when we got close to another horse, she slowed to a trot.

A further good trot and I’m feeling my trots are much neater these days. And my hacking RI said my forward seat looked really good and I did really well on Magic today and looked good on her. Compliments were greatly appreciated. Love this little mare.

In fact, I have to say i’m totally won over by the welsh section d and wouldn’t mind one in the future. I find their body type comfortable for me, not too wide generally speaking. I need a horse that’s good at carrying weight as I’m no eight stone but something that isn’t too wide as I feel I’m more comfortable on a slightly less wide horse. I’ve ridden a shire X cob and did not find that so comfortable as the Welshy.

Next up was Mr Shadow. He and I had a fight in his stable as he didn’t want to put his bridle on. He eventually lost with my gentle persuasion.

After leading him out, we had a good ride and my forward seat, which I felt I was working on more today alongside my sitting trot were much more improved.

He was also a good boy but I’m seeing where my confidences lie. When Magic fidgets a little, I’m calmer and won’t let her go where she wants to, then I ride Shadow who is generally polite. I do love the challenges but love the cooperation from these gorgeous horses. The lovely feeling that Shadow gives me now when I have to hold him at the bottom of the hill because he knows what’s coming up, his dancing and excitement I love to feel and hear and the nice feeling once he goes and we’re cantering off together is amazing!

Another great few rides which i’ve needed to boost my confidence again.

Back in the school on Thursday so lets see what excitement that brings.



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  1. Loving this Marie! Well done for putting those pants on: bet you that blast on Magic felt great 😀 I know our horses are safe to be let go on hacks: as long as you don’t do dodgy overtakes, they take off but know and do obediently pull up at the end of the stretch. How you have the balls without vision amazes me though: I’m not sure those pants would have me even trying canter! lol. In awe of your testicular fortitude as ever 🙂

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