My First Experience at An RNIB Forum

I was invited to a members forum of the RNIB, [royal national institute of blind people] yesterday. I tried to sign up for membership a few weeks ago and my friend said to come along if I wanted to get a test of what the forums offer.

I went into it with an open mind of everything from organisation to content and came away pleasantly surprised.

Like them or not, they are the biggest UK organisation that represent blind people. From the outside we might not think they’re doing anything to support us but yesterday I saw a lot of positive things that they are doing. Also, how member input is crucial to ensure the organisation moves to represent the blind and VI people throughout Great Britain.

I went with my friend and there were volunteers at Piccadilly station to help get taxis and such to the venue but my friend and I opted to walk with his guide dog.

Once there, we were shown to seats and offered drinks. I’ve been to few things RNIB have organised and have to say I think the organisation and help available at their events are second to none. Volunteers and staff are very helpful but not overbearing. If you need help you get it if you can manage on your own, you are allowed to get on with it. That to me is important as many people have different levels of needs.

I do have to say on a personal note, I missed my dog yesterday. Having a four legged companion does make my life so much easier. I can use the cane but definitely prefer the dog.

Anyway, the structure was a good day, a mix of information in different presentations ranging from delivering to the entire group and then what they called break out sessions which were smaller groups. All very interesting.

Do I think this is something I will get more involved with? Yes, definitely.

I won’t go into details here about what the content of the day was but lets just say their strategy is very positive and I was happy to hear about all the things the organisation are working on. Looking forward to becoming a member.

Also think that becoming a member of Guide dogs so I can get more involved there to isn’t a bad idea. Activism is something I’m intending to improve on during the next few years.


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  1. Brilliant! Pleased to hear that RNIB are being so proactive, and that you’ll be taking up an active membership soon 🙂 Fingers crossed you are matched with a new GD soon too.

  2. Interesting blog post. Great that you enjoyed an RNIB Forum. RNIB Supporter reception’s are also insightful if you’re interested in fundraising (even if its only collecting loose change at home). I went to one and they reiterated what there main services are. Plus plenty of stuff under Get Involved section on the RNIB website (in case you didn’t know). Have fun.

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