Bailey’s Dlog: Entry Retired

It Happened doggy and human friends. I hung up my harness! I am now a retired guide dog, it even says so on my lead.

However doggy and human friends, I’m not sure I’m down with this retirement milarky, because since Thursday when my instructor officially agreed with mummy that I should hang up my harness, I have been a busy bailey. And I don’t mean in the toilet way either guide doggy pals.

Friday we went to those stupid bloody horses. Why she insists on dragging me there I will never know. Although I did sneak some horse pooh, whoohoo!

It was very strange. Mummy had me walk beside her on my lead, my harness has gone, did I say that? And she used that crazy pink stick to feel where she was going. We got on a bus and then walked up to the stables and watched horses doing crazy things.

I was super tired by the end and hoped that would be it. No, Saturday came and she dragged me out with that crazy stick again and we went for a walk to the park. Mummy says it’s strange but she didn’t fall or hurt herself so I guess she knows what she’s doing. Yesterday, I had it easier, we just walked to the shop and back. Mummy says I might not be allowed everywhere now I’m a retired pup but we’ll see who is the first to kick me out.

And today, it’s bank holiday which should mean paws up, right? No, we went for a fun run up to other horses and doggies mummy and grandma know. More horse pooh, whoohoo!

When I think about it, I’m having lots of fun really. I get to walk and not think about what I’m doing. yeah, this retirement stuff is what doggy dreams are made of.

Don’t worry peoples and doggies, I’m staying with mum but she says we might have a new dog in our house. What????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord bailey [and don’t you forget it]

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